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Party Pong Kit


Party Pong Kit Party Pong Kit Party Pong Kit Party Pong Kit

Party Pong Kit

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Beer pong is a brilliant party game, but it does have one big flaw in that only two people can play! This means that, unless your parties are very small indeed, a standard game of beer pong will leave most of your guests on the sidelines.

Fortunately, we've come up with a sensational solution: Party Pong! This unique twist on the classic beer pong rules allows EVERYBODY to get involved in the game - 'Party Forfeit' cards are placed under each cup, and when a cup is removed from the table, the whole party must follow the card's instructions!

Here are some examples of the Party Forfeit cards included in each Party Pong set:

  • Never Have I Ever – The person reading this card states something they have NEVER done (e.g. slept with a stranger). Everybody who HAS done this must take a drink.
  • Waterfall – Starting with the person reading this card, everybody takes a drink. Players should only start drinking when the person on their left has already started drinking, and they must continue drinking until the person on their left has stopped (creating a ‘waterfall’ effect).
  • Smile – From the moment this card is read out, nobody in the room may show their teeth when smiling. The first person to be caught doing so takes a drink.

As you can imagine, this game will turn almost any party into a total laugh riot! Party Pongis perfect for any retailer who sell drinking accessories, party supplies, and gamess.

Each set contains the following items:

  • 7 x red cups (16oz)
  • 7 x blue cups (16oz)
  • 2 x ping-pong balls
  • 24 x Party Forfeit cards

Rules are printed on the box for easy reference.

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