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Man Mug

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The Man Mug is the perfect gift for alpha males and DIY enthusiasts. The mug itself is man-sized and oversized, reaching a height of 13.5cm and a width of 10.5cm. The chunky white ceramic is given a colour pop with a red interior, complimenting the red slogan emblazoned on the mug, ‘MAN MUG IT’S NOT FOR GIRLS’. The handle of the mug replicates the shape of a saw handle for an extra-rugged touch.

So men might claim that they can’t multi-task but this mug certainly can. Not content with holding a mega mug of man’s favourite brew, the mug also comes with a pencil slot and pencil in the handle, a ruler etched into the mug and a spirit level built into it.

This mug is not for girls so if you see any of your female friends, family or colleagues eyeing up your manly mug, simply lift your brew to your lips, revealing the base of the mug. The base of the mug has a No Women symbol on it. This mug is just for men – got it?!

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